She’s Shot 100 Times With A Paintball Gun. Now Owner Is Being Convicted Of Animal Cruelty.


Sometimes I really don’t understand how people think. I mean, how could anyone even think of hurting a defenceless animal?

The story of Lily angered me and made me sad, but fortunately, it has a happy ending.

In the middle of March this year, Lily the horse was found badly injured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She’d been shot by paintballs over 100 times and then abandoned. And to make matters even worse, she was blinded in one eye.

Lily turned up at New Holland Sales Stables, where she was dumped after an auction. She was malnourished, her white coat was stained various colors by paintball bullets, and she looked extremely depressed as she hung her head almost to the ground.

“If you look at her, she’s obviously a very old, dehabilitated horse. There’s no way she could defend herself or run away. It’s difficult to imagine what would go through someone’s mind to think that you could do this,” Lily’s veterinarian told Fox 41 News after she was rescued.

Horse Shot 100 Times With Paintballs Finally Gets A New Home.

Lily was moved to the Lancaster County SPCA for medical treatment, where her eye was surgically removed, and she was given nutritious food and lots of love.

The man who dumped Lily was later seized and convicted of animal cruelty for owning animals without a license and for importing animals without the required health check. He will also have to pay for all of Lily’s veterinary costs.

Horse Shot 100 Times With Paintballs Finally Gets A New Home.
Thousands of people worldwide have expressed their disgust with how Lily has been treated. After the news spread in the media, several animal lovers heard her story and wanted to take care of her.

Now, two months after Lily was rescued, she’s finally getting a new home. Jon Stewart, former host of “The Daily Show,” and his wife Tracey will become Lily’s new owners!

I’m glad Lily has been taken care of so well and she’s been given a second chance in life. Good luck, Lily!

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