Rescuer can’t contain tears after getting the sweetest ‘thank you’ from the pup she saved

He could feel it was his ride to freedom!


The decision of getting a dog might be one of the best you will ever make. These adorable and loyal companions have so much love to give and can turn even our saddest days into the best ones.

When taking a dog in, however, many opt for getting little puppies that they would pay for, forgetting about the fact there are numerous canines at the shelters who are waiting for someone to enter their life and make them their pets. I don’t say these rescued dogs are better than the rest, but they certainly know how to express their gratitude for giving them a second chance for a better life. And that ‘thank you’ you will get from them triggers the best feeling in this world that nothing can ever beat.

This story of a rescue dog will melt your heart and will remind you why these dogs are so special.

When a woman got a cute four-legged pal from the shelter, little did she know the bond between them will grow so strong even during their first ride together. The dog spent most of his life chained, but he somehow felt his life was taking a new, better turn.

When his human mommy placed him at the front seat of her car, the dog did the most amazing thing ever. He got close to her and started cuddling with her hand. He was in desperate need of love and affection and knew this woman was there to give it to him.

She was so overwhelmed with emotions that she couldn’t help by cry. This warmed her heart.

thank you

Take a look at the video below and make sure you get your tissues. This is all so heartwarming!

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