Shelter Puppy Longs for a Family so Badly That He Smiles Wide Whenever a Visitor Gets In

The puppy believes that someone will take him home if he keeps smiling!


When the staff at The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana rescued three black Labradors from a high-kill shelter, they had no idea one of them would become a real star many people will fall in love with.

The cute brothers were named Burreaux, Joe and O and all three of them were super affectionate and happy to be given a second chance in life.

After some time at the shelter, one of the puppies, Burreaux, figured out that most of the people who enter the shelter leave it with a dog. Naturally, he wanted a home himself so he decided to attract the visitors by smiling at them. Yes, he really smiled, and people fell for his incredibly vibrant personality.

In fact, Burreaux’s dazzling smile became so popular that it helped the shelter attract many potential adopters. Needless to say, everyone loved Burreaux, but after he got adopted by a family that considers themselves lucky to have him, a number of other dogs got a chance to move in cozy and loving homes.

Burreaux’s reaction to meeting his human family was incredibly cute. The moment he saw them he leaped into their arms and kissed them as though he knew them his entire life.

The shelter staff was over the moon for all the dogs who got their happy ending, but they confess that if it wasn’t for Burreaux’s smile, many of them would still be looking for forever homes.

Joe and O are still at the shelter but everyone hopes it wouldn’t be for long.

In order to thank everyone who opened the doors to their hearts and homes for the cute canines and to raise awareness of the importance of adopting animals, the shelter posted a photo of the board with the names of all the dogs who were adopted in February.

Take a look at the video depicting our lovely puppy’s smile below.

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