Shelter puppy has facial hair like the staff has never seen before

The shelter staff had never seen a dog's face quite like this one!


The shelter staff at Hearts and Bones Rescue thought they have seen it all throughout the years, but apparently, they were wrong.

When a stray shepherd mix was brought at their place in July 2019, they noticed one of the 11 puppies this mommy had given birth to was a bit different from its siblings.

Namely, the moment the person who spotted the mother and her babies contacted the shelter, the volunteers rushed to take them in and provide them with a roof over their head.

That’s when they noticed that the facial hair of one of the puppies was shaped like a perfect handlebar mustache.

We all know that handlebar mustache is very likely to be seen on photos of gentlemen from the Victorian times and not on sweet little puppies.

The distinctive looks of the little one made everyone want to spend some extra time around her.

“The first thing people ask is generally, ‘Is that real?’” one of the volunteers said.

However, the dog family didn’t stay at the shelter for long as a foster family agreed to take all the 12 dogs in.

Although the shelter staff was sad to be saying goodbye to the tiny puppy with mustache, they were relieved the dogs were able to leave the shelter and move into a loving family.

But before that happened, the staff decided to give their most favorite doggie a name that would fit her just perfectly. Guessing already? Yes, you are right, she was named Salvador Dolly after the incredible artist Salvador Dali.

This special family was lucky to find humans who would take all of them in such a short time as it often happens for dogs to stay at the shelter for a very long time before someone comes along their way.

On the day Salvador Dolly moved, the kind volunteers threw a party wearing fake mustache. It really was a day to remember.

The mommy dog seems to enjoy the stay at the foster family the most.

Since she’s still breastfeeding her little ones, she gets lots of food and treats.

Once the puppies reach eight weeks old, they will be given for adoption. As for now, they all get to spend their days by each other’s side.

Hopefully, Salvador Dolly’s new owners wouldn’t change her fancy name as we really can’t think of any other that would describe her more suitably.

And yes, if the sweet babies take after their mother, they will be the cutest and the most loving dogs ever. Probably a bit shy, too.

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