Shelter Dog Waiting 3 Years For Home

Someone please adopt this handsome boy!


Meet Cola, an amazing pit bull mix who is in search of a forever home. People from the shelter describe him as the most adorable dog out there and they do their best to place him in a loving home. On the Facebook page the staff created for this good boy, they recently wrote “Please don’t let me be here for another snowfall. I love the snow but I want to see it in my own back yard. I’m a good boy. I just want to be your only pet. There must be someone out there who wants me.” The sad truth is that besides being handsome and outgoing, Cola has been at the Yonkers Animal Shelter for three years now. But he never loses hope that there is a perfect family out there waiting for him to be their new best friend.

Photos: Facebook/Cola is Coming to Town

Cola enjoys spending his time outside, playing fetch with his favorite toys, the tennis balls. He loves them so much that he always has two of them in his mouth but he is always eager to get some more. The people who take care of him believe that having the tennis balls in his mouth give him a sense of security.

Leslie McCauley, a volunteer at the shelter, told The Dodo, “Goes without question that Cola’s favorite thing is being outside with tennis balls and other toys he enjoys. He’s not good with soft toys as, like many dogs, he’s anxious to find that squeaker hidden inside. While Cola loves to run after a ball, he’s also very good at amusing himself with his tennis balls and he will relax with them in his paws.”

Photos: Facebook/Cola is Coming to Town

Ever since he came to the shelter he became everyone’s favorite dog. The staff believes Cola used to be a pet because at the time he arrived at the shelter he was neutered. But, no one could imagine what kind of person would abandon a special dog like Cola.

Photos: Facebook/Cola is Coming to Town

Cola is still at the shelter, waiting for a new family. So if you or someone you know considers getting a dog, you can contact the shelter at 201-981-3215. Cola’s new ideal home would be a place with a big backyard so he can continue practicing his games of playing fetch and running around, and where he would be an only dog.

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