Dog Cries All Night As No One Picks Her, Then Shelter Shares Her Photo As A Last Resort

Shelter shares a photo of a crying dog as a last resort.


That shelter dog photo touched many hearts..

A picture is worth a thousand words, and can even have the power to save lives. This was the case for one dog. Employees of a animal welfare organisation named High Plains Humane Society had photographed a sad dog in a shelter located in New Mexico, United States.

High Plains Humane Society is an organisation that works compassionately to help homeless animals, and try to find new homes for all who had either been abused, abandoned or lived their lives as strays. The organisation visited a shelter in order to take photos of all the dogs there, with the aim of creating adverts. These pictures would then be uploaded on social media, utilizing the platform to seek out potential forever loving homes for them.

After the staff members had uploaded all of the images on their Facebook page, they had realized that one specific picture was especially attention-grabbing. It was a photo of one little dog, who had looked straight at the camera with sad eyes and tears streaming down her face!

Aside from the fact that these tears are not akin to human sadness but a result of inflammation, the dog’s misery was crystal clear through the shot. The image of the dog went viral, and soon the organisation was receiving a large number of requests from the public – which meant that there were many potential adopters!

Here is the pup today, now a well-grown and healthy dog – along with her loving owner!

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