Flexible Dog Shows His Human How Yoga Should be Done

Mom's trying out a new yoga pose. Now watch her dog's hilarious move.


Animals are truly amazing creatures. They make us company, make us laugh, and never leave our side when we need them the most. We can do a bunch of things together with our cats and dogs, starting from taking long walks, playing fetch, having a picnic where we share a juicy steak, and even connect in a more spiritual level, let’s say by doing yoga together. 

If you wonder how’s that possible let me just tell you that their very flexible bodies make cats and dogs yoga masters who nail every position possible. This doesn’t come as a surprise to canine and feline owners who see their fur babies stretching and taking the weirdest sleeping positions. 

Cats and dogs are simply natural at doing this ancient practice. We just hope it helps them relax both their mind and body the way it does to humans. 

Below has to be one of the best videos of a dog trying some crazy yoga moves together with his human mommy. The best thing about it is that the poor woman struggles to even lift her leg half way to the desired position while the dog does it with an incredible ease. It looks as though he’s done it a million times before. This is just another proof of how incredibly flexible dogs’ bodies are. They do put human yoga efforts to shame. 

We are so glad the woman got to put this yoga bonding time on tape so that we can see it and have a good laugh. It has been watched around 5 million times already, which I’m pretty sure means that much smiles. 

Practicing yoga with your fur baby isn’t something new. There are classes that not only allow animals taking part, but actually encourage people to bring them to class. The beautiful thing is that these specialized yoga studios create specialized programs and moves for dogs and cats, some of which more challenging and others pretty easy, depending on their individual flexibility. This is a great opportunity that allows people and their pets to have fun while trying to stay healthy.  


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