She Lost Her Way, Then Heard Dad’s Engine and Rushed Towards Him Shedding Tears

The moment she heard the sound she waited for every day after work, she came running while crying real tears.


Xian-Mao is a cute dog that loves her human daddy so very much. The two always have a lot of fun and do many things together, like visiting the local market once a week. The last time they went there, however, something devastating happened. Someone set off fireworks and that scared poor Xian-Mao so much that she started running and didn’t know how to get back.

She wasn’t on a leash because she always stays by her dad’s side and he keeps close eye on her. Sadly, she was so frightened this time that he couldn’t stop her from fleeing the place.

Xian-Mao’s dad tried looking for her around the neighborhood but she was nowhere to be seen.

It’s been six long days before Xian-Mao stopped by one of her dad’s friend’s house. She has been there before and recognized the place. The friend knew she was missing and called her dad to come get her. Needless to say, he was overjoyed to hear the great news.

When Xian-Mao saw her dad, she cried like a little child. The love between these two is so strong that we couldn’t help by shed tears of joy too.

We are happy these two found each other again, but we would like to remind every dog owner out there to always have their furry pals on leash while they are out, especially at places where there are many people, so they don’t get lost.

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