Severely Starved Great Dane Ate Its Own Foot to Survive

This gentle giant's story broke my heart!


A neighbor of a South Carolina couple alerted authorities about Great Dane so severely starved and mistreated that he ate his own leg. When police arrived at the scene, they were devastated by the sight. The poor animal was so thin that his ribs were visible through his skin. On top of that, he was tied with a runner cable to a metal pole with no food or water anywhere around him.

His hind leg was bloody as he chew part of it.

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

The dog’s owners, Jessica James, 32, and Skyler Craft, 28, didn’t take any care of their pet whom they heartlessly named Lucifer. They didn’t even know for how long Luke (his new name) was tied outside. They were aware of his leg injury and said how they tried to treat it themselves.

Luke was soon taken from them and they were charged with animal mistreatment.

This poor dog was finally at a safe place after the staff at Noah’s Arks Rescue took him under their care. Luke was taken at the vet’s and was treated for bad infection on the leg he chewed. He was so malnourished and weak that he couldn’t stand on his own.

“Luke was very scared and unsure of people at the time,” Jennifer Smith, president of the rescue organization told HuffPost. “After several days in ICU, we brought him to our rehab facility so he could relax, which made a big difference in his personality. He soon realized we were not going to hurt him.”

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

After the rescue, the team posted an update on Luke’s condition, writing, “Luke has been in starvation mode for quite a long time. An animal’s body adapts to this condition in a lot of different ways to survive. Right now, his body is still in survival mode which is why he still has to have lots of small meals to prevent Re-Feeding Syndrome. The other major issue he has is his Heart. Even though he is Heartworm Positive, the heart issues he has are because he was starved. His electrolytes have been out of balance, and his heart and lungs have been compromised because of this.”

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

Because his leg is still infected, Luke’s fragile body will probably not be able to endure a surgery right now. He’s being treated for various health conditions, but everyone hopes for the best. The good thing is that he’s a real fighter and is happy around the staff that showers him with love and attention.

Photos: Facebook/Noah’s Arks Rescue

The way Luke was treated by his cruel owners is beyond horrible.

We can never understand how can someone be so mean towards animals. As for Luke, the team won’t ever give up on him and will do their best to turn him into a healthy dog again. “He is an amazing dog with an incredible Will to Live. To sustain and maintain a body his size takes Courage, Strength, and Humility,” Smith said.

We can’t wait to hear some great news about this gentle giant who went through so much because of the people who neglected him and starved him severely.

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