Seven Abandoned Puppies On Deserted Island Crying from Starvation Rescued by Boaters

"They couldn't see anything but some dark shadows, and they heard a bunch of crying."


We’ve heard of dogs being abandoned by the side of roads and in dumping grounds, but people’s cruelty has no boundaries, and this time, seven tiny and severely malnourished puppies were found dumped in a deserted Island. If it wasn’t for the boater Junior Cook and his friend, who heard their cries for help, these babies would certainly die.

Cook was cruising near a Canadian isle, near Cross Keys, Manitoba, when he heard the strange sounds. He went home that day, but couldn’t stop thinking of the cries and returned the following day to inspect the uninhabited land. It’s then that he spotted the confused and starved puppies.

Cook then contacted Norway House Animal Rescue and asked them to help. They were more than willing to step in and said now unfortunately, this “wasn’t an isolated case and happens daily in Manitoba and all over the world.”

Speaking of the rescue, Deb Vandekerkhove from the rescue center told CBS, “He and his friend were out and it was getting dark already, and they heard some noises on the island. They took their binoculars and they couldn’t see anything but some dark shadows, and they heard a bunch of crying. They thought originally it was wolves.”

Until transport was organized, the rescue brought food to the puppies and Cook was there to feed them. “They’re getting better with people now, which is a good thing because they were terrified of them when they first came.”

A couple of days later, the castaway puppies took a 330-mile trip to Winnipeg and were put up for adoption. All of them, four boys and three girls were named after characters from the TV show The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island. Skipper, Gilligan, Mary-Anne, The Professor, Ginger, Lovey, and Mr. Howell.

Winnipeg Pet Rescue is hoping each of the lovely puppies will soon find their forever home. “They are receiving medical treatment for lice, tapeworm and malnourishment at this time and will be place up for adoption when healthy,” they wrote.

We are glad the puppies got rescued and we hope the person who dumped them and left them to die would eventually be identified.

You can watch the rescue in the video below.

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