Serviceman Drops To His Knees When He Sees His Dog Is There to Greet Him

These kinds of reunions always make my day.


Whenever I stumble upon a member of the military, I feel the urge to approach and thank them for their sacrifice.

These people put their life on the line for our safety and miss out on a lot of important events such as family gatherings, their children’s’ birthdays and school recitals, holidays, and more. That is why we should always be grateful for their service.

And while our servicemen and servicewomen are deployed, their families and their pets pray for their safe return.

Brent is just one of these brave people who we respect and admire. He was deployed for quite some time and when the time finally came for him to touch the American soil, he couldn’t wait to hug and kiss his family and one very special creature, his dog.

Knowing how much this serviceman loved his furry pal, his parents arranged with the airport for the canine to be the one who will greet Brent upon his arrival.

As he walked off the plane, Brent spotted his mom and dad standing at a corner holding their cameras. They knew the reunion between him and his furry girl would be one to remember so they made sure they caught it on tape.

The moment Brent spotted his dog whom he missed dearly, he got on his knees and gave her a hug. The dog was as excited to see her human.

The dog’s reaction is so cute that it made our hearts melt. She sniffed her dad and she was sure it was him who was standing there right in front of her.

Jumping in excitement and wagging her tail were enough proof that she was over the moon.

People say they could read her body language which obviously said, “Dad, I’ve missed you so much. Please don’t leave me ever again.”

I am not sure about you, but reunions between dogs and their humans is something that always makes my day.

Take a look at the emotional moment Brent and his dog shared in the video below.

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