Service Dog Goes Into Labor In The Middle Of An Airport– And They Got It All On Video

They were in for quite the surprise! 😮


The airport is full of busy travelers, long lines, security checks but amidst all of it was a Labrador Retriever that made a commotion of her own.  The service dog went into labor while at the airport.  Everyone knows when babies are ready to arrive they are ready no matter where or when!

Eleanor Rigby, the service dog was waiting in line to board a flight at Tampa International Airport in Florida, where she went into labor. Other passengers were surprised to see a dog giving birth as they made their way to the gate. As luck would have it none of the passengers even minded spending another 3 hours while waiting for this miracle to take place.

Most of them seized the opportunity to snap photos and capture videos that they shared across social media.

Thanks to the team from Tampa Fire and Rescue, Ellie deliver seven healthy boys and one girl.  Diane Van Atter, Ellie’s mom was kind enough to name two puppies after the paramedics. Natalie and Larry are two of the Labrador pups born that day.

The proud daddy can be seen nearby watching his pups entering the world.

Finally an airline story with a happy ending.  Be sure to watch on of the videos caught that day while adoring all eight of the cute puppies!

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