Senior Dog Without A Nose Finds Perfect Family

“We’re not quite sure how long she will be around, but we’re going to make the best of the second half of her life."


This is the rescue story of Mirabel that teaches us that no matter how big or small, each life is worth saving. This poor girl went through so much during her life, but ultimately, she was given a chance for a new, fresh beginning in life, and we can’t be happier.

She was first spotted wandering the streets of Kentucky by some passersby who were puzzled by the way she looked. Mirabel was missing her nose. The people quickly called animal control telling them how they’ve stumbled upon an injured dog. 

However, once she was thoroughly examined, the vet realized she was born that way.  

Source: WAF/Facebook

Mirabel suffered from cleft palate which resulted in her unlike appearance. She didn’t only miss her nose, but part of her lip as well. 

She didn’t have it easy, because it was determined that poor Mirabel lived in a puppy mill or was a part of backyard breeding operations. 

Source: WAF/Facebook

Years and years of breeding, Mirabel was left with painful mammary tumors, an inguinal hernia, and dental issues – all adding to the difficulty of having her upper teeth constantly exposed.

It was simply awesome how this lovely dog never lost her vibrant spirit. Once she was transferred to Woodstock Animal Foundation, she stole the hearts of everyone who got to meet her.  

Source: Mirabel A No Nose Fairytale/Instagram

After WAF posted Mirabel’s story on Facebook, a lot of people donated money in order for the medical bills to be covered. Surprisingly, the life of this dog caught the attention of many and the goal of $6,000 was easily over passed. The rest of the money were used for other dogs in need of medical help. 

Mirabel’s incredible rescue and even more amazing recovery even got to the news and once Kelli Shook, from Toledo, Ohio, laid eyes on this special girl, she knew she had to have her. 

“I don’t know what it was. It was just something in my heart that just knew that she seemed perfect,” Kelli told The Dodo. “She was very friendly, going up to everybody, not afraid of other animals, not afraid of people. She’s great with kids — she absolutely adores children.”

Source: Mirabel A No Nose Fairytale/Instagram

Kelli who is a life coach could sense Mirabel’s loving soul and fell in love with her in an instant.  It wasn’t long before they were working alongside each other.

“We’re starting a youth program here in our area where we can teach kids empathy by using animals that are not considered to be traditionally huggable or lovable,” Kelli said. “[Such as] animals like Mirabel, who have some sort of congenital defect or have been abused.”

Sometimes it happens for some young kids to be drawn back when they first see Mirabel, but once they spend some time with her, they realize she is the best dog to be around. 

Source: Mirabel A No Nose Fairytale/Instagram

“The kids don’t even care. They just think she’s so cute,” she said. “And nobody is afraid to pet her, even though her teeth are showing.”

Kelli uses Mirabel to teach the children about kindness, acceptance, and respect.

“We try to turn it into a lesson, saying, ‘See, you’re not afraid of her and you don’t care what she looks like, so let’s try and be that way with your peers,’” Kelli explained. “’If there is a child who looks different, let’s not treat them any differently.’”

Kelli is certain that Maribel’s health issues are not an obstacle for her to have a fulfilled life. 

Source: Mirabel A No Nose Fairytale/Instagram

“The only issue is that she constantly seems like she has a cold; it always seems like she has a runny nose,” she added.

Unfortunately, Mirabel has a heart murmur – and although her time on this planet is unknown, she is part of a family that adores her.

“We’re not quite sure how long she will be around, but we’re going to make the best of the second half of her life and have her help some other kids in the meantime,” Kelli said. “Just ’cause an animal has had a bad first half of her life, that doesn’t mean she won’t make an amazing pet or therapy animal.”

AMAZING UPDATE 4/15/2018: MIRABEL HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!! We knew in our hearts when we met Mirabel that she was special…

Gepostet von Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic am Donnerstag, 11. Januar 2018
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