Mangy, Infectious Dog Shouldn’t Have Survived But One Woman Wouldn’t Accept That

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Frodo was a street dog who looked “scary” at first…

In the streets of Croatia, a dog named Frodo was found wandering around alone. Frodo was deemed “scary” due to his appearance at that time. Eventually, some people who had noticed Frodo contacted a veteran animal rescuer named Klaudija Sigurnjak. Sigurnjak responded and headed to where Frodo was found. Frodo’s appearance, however, shocked Sigurnjak when she first saw him. Frodo had swollen eyes, emaciated and had severe mange which contributed to his “scary” appearance.

It was hard for Sigurnjak to believe that Frodo was a dog as she had never seen anything like him. Sigurnjak immediately decided to rescue Frodo and offered him food to gain his trust. When she had successfully gotten Frodo’s trust, she quickly brought Frodo to seek medical help.

A veterinary vision specialist soon determined that Frodo’s infected right eye would have to be removed, but his left eye still could be saved. This was not the only health issue that Frodo had, unfortunately. He was severely emaciated and also suffered from a serious flea and tick infection.

Frodo’s chance of survival seemed bleak, but the little dog refused to give up and fought for his life. Eventually after a few months, Frodo regained his strength and continued to recover. His skin inflammation subsided and his fur coat also grew back.

Sigurnjak was amazed by Frodo’s transformation and was glad that Frodo was no longer a helpless stray dog that he once was. After Frodo had recovered, he was put up for adoption. Not long after, a couple soon took notice of Frodo’s photo.

Marko Duspara and his wife fell in love with Frodo immediately and decided to adopt him. The couple also heard of Frodo’s story and were more than glad to give him the life he deserves. Frodo is currently living happily with his new family and even enjoys running in the park!

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