Saint Bernard Frantically Wakes His Dad Up at 2 a.m. and Refuses to Let Him Get Back to Bed

Dory wouldn't let her dad go back to bed, and that raised a red flag.


One family says they owe being alive to their St. Bernard named Dory who alerted them of a big problem.

All the house residents were sound asleep one night when Dory started barking and whining. At first, they thought she was just looking for attention, but as she had never done that before her daddy felt something could be wrong.

However, being 2 a.m. he decided to ignore Dory and tried getting back to bed, but she didn’t let him do it.

Eventually, he got downstairs and that’s when he noticed the burner on the stove was left on and the whole place smelled like gas.

If it wasn’t for Dory, who knows what would have happened to the house and the members of the family. This way, she prevented a tragedy from taking place and her dad was glad he trusted his furry friend when she tried alerting him of the gas.

Luckily, no one suffered that night, but they all learned a valuable lesson; that they should be more careful in the future and always trust their dog’s instinct.

We are sure Dory will get a juicy steak as a reward for her act.

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