Sad Shelter Dog’s Only Christmas Wish Was To Find A Loving Home For The Holidays

He wore his Christmas sweater for two months, waiting for someone to choose him... Until one day, everything changed. ❤️


Nobody deserves to spend the most beautiful time of the year alone because holidays are all about loving and respecting each other. Unfortunately for Bobby, a lovely dog, he was about to spend Christmas at the Miami Dade Animals Service center. This dog was so cute and lovable that the shelter staff knew they had to do everything in their power to find him the perfect home. 

However, as time passed by, many dogs left the place with their new owners, but not Bobby. It looked as though everyone forgot about him. He was even placed on the red list. 

Miami-Dade Animals Services

The lovely employees, however, came up with a great idea they hoped will help Bobby find a new family. They posted a cute photo of him wearing his Christmas sweater, explaining how he desperately needed someone to come to his rescue. 

Luckily, this worked perfectly, and just in a matter of days, a great number of people interested in adopting Bobby contacted the shelter. 

Miami-Dade Animals Services

Bobby was placed at the perfect home where he will be surrounded by people who care. This will be his best Christmas ever because his wish was granted.

We are lucky for Bobby’s happy ending, but still very sad for all the other dogs who are in the shelters. This holiday visit the local shelter and give an animal the life they deserve.

Marry Christmas to all, and remember, adopt, don’t shop.

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