Sad Dog Spends 700 Lonely Days in Shelter Begging for Someone to Give Him a Home

All the other dogs at the shelter got adopted within 3 weeks, but Jax kept getting rejected due to his breed.


The story of Jax, a 3-year-old Pit Bull mix who had been stuck in a shelter for more than 700 days, comes from the Fox Valley Humane Association.

Seeing the dog losing his bubbly personality and turning into a desperate animal broke the staffs’ hearts into a million pieces.

They tried finding him home in any way possible. Before Christmas of this year, they took a photo of Jax along with a plea to be adopted. And although many people found it cute and shared it, no one really wanted to offer him a home.

The staff believes the reason behind the failure of finding this gorgeous canine a family was his breed.

Dogs came and went out of the shelter every single day. The most any of the other dogs spent at the place was 3 weeks, and Jax’s time to be adopted didn’t seem to be coming any soon.

Once playful and friendly, Jax was now a hollow shell of the dog he once was. The negligence he felt from everyone who got inside the shelter and left with another dog affected his happiness and emotional well-being.

Jax’s caretakers made sure everyone knew how special he really was. One of them said how he’s very loyal and affectionate, a true ball of energy that couldn’t wait to embark on a new adventure that would include new owners.

Luckily, after all those pleas, Jax got his happy ending. His new family is glad they made the decision to take him in because he is the kind of dog everyone would ask for.

We hope the story of Jax will help people finally understand that Pit Bulls do make awesome pets.

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