Rude Child Smacked Owner’s Service Dog

Laura was shopping with her service dog, Polly, when a kid walked up and began smacking Polly. Shocked and angry, Laura asked the kid's mother to say something, but when the mother answered rudely back, Laura decided to teach both of them a lesson they would not soon forget!


Her mother didn’t stop her at all..

Whenever children see a dog, their first instinct is to run up to it to try to pet it without the owner’s permission. Some family dogs are also trained as service dogs to help their family members who have specific health problems. They should not be petted as it could distract them from their duty. Unfortunately for Laura Joos, this had happened to her own service dog named Polly. Laura has a health condition that causes her to lose consciousness should her blood pressure gets too high. As a service dog, Polly would keep an eye on Laura’s blood pressure to prevent Laura from passing out in public. Because of this, Laura would go everywhere with Polly, even to her local Walmart.

Recently, Laura and Polly were doing their usual shopping when they encountered a mother with 3 kids. Polly’s presence soon caught the children’s attention who proceeded to exclaim excitedly and walk faster towards her. Unfortunately for Laura and Polly, they could not avoid them as there were also people behind them. Left with no choice, Laura led Polly down the aisle and towards the children’s direction, silently hoping that they wouldn’t pet Polly. Their mother seemed not to care and never told her children to leave Polly alone, much to Laura’s dismay. As they walked past, the youngest child reached out and smacked Polly hard on her back.

Luckily for the child, Polly is well-trained. So she responded by only tucking her tail in and trying to get away from the child. This caused Laura to tell the child’s mother off: “She’s a service dog, please teach your kids not to pet them.” But instead of apologizing and correcting her children, the mother turned to Laura and snapped back at her, saying “EXCUSE YOU!”.

This had stunned Laura, who later posted the story on her Facebook account. Even though this had caused Laura’s blood pressure to reach nearly 120, the pair managed to return home safely. Laura’s post later went viral on Facebook, spreading public awareness that children should be educated on not to pet service dogs, especially without permission.

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