Rhino Who Survived Poachers Miraculously Gives Birth


Nearly three years after surviving a brutal poaching attack that left two male rhinos dead, Thandi the female rhino gave birth to a calf at Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

This is about Thandi, her brave rescuers and “the rhino that should never have been born”. The footage at the beginning of the video may graphic for some people, but I encourage you to keep watching, it’s well worth seeing the rangers finding Thandi with her miracle baby!

Thandi with her newborn calf shortly after giving birth!

Photo credit: Kariega Game Reserve

They live at the Kariega Game Reserve, which spans across 10,000 hectares of pristine wilderness. It’s family-owned and operated.

Photo credit: Kariega Game Reserve

Thandi and her baby live along with zebra, giraffe, hippos and other animals.

Photo credit: Kariega Game Reserve
Photo credit: Kariega Game Reserve

Share this remarkable survival story and miracle birth with your friends! Visit the Kariega Game Reserve website to find out more about this amazing park and to find out more about their Foundation dedicated to the rehabilitation and care of their rhino.

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