A Reward For $50,000 Was Posted – To Locate Culprit In Clearfield Cat Abuse Case


The details of the horrid cat abuse case has rocked the local community.

The case regarding the brutal torture and horrific death of a 6-year-old domestic cat named Sage has been named ‘most egregious’ in Davis county. Members of the public grieved along with Sage’s family, and now a reward worth at least $50,000 has been posted for the capture of the culprit. Meanwhile, donations continue to pour in as the case has gained nationwide attention.

A wake for Sage was hosted by the Humane Society of Northern Utah and held on a Sunday at Clearfield park, along with a book of remembrances for visitors to write on. Many brought their pets and family members along, with three members of the Clearfield police officers keeping a close watch. Sage was a beloved family pet which belonged to both China Rose Cassel and Alex Gomez. Sage had originally named as a ‘missing’ pet on 6 March before returning home a few days after. Sage was also both an indoor and outdoor cat.

The poor cat was beaten up, thus its multiple broken ribs. A hot glue gun had been used to seal Sage’s eyes shut – as well as on his anus and genitals. His whiskers were also brutally snipped off, and his fur had been roughly shaved. All of Sage’s paws were also badly broken –  he had to be rushed to the nearest veterinarian after it returned home.

What was amazing is that Sage, despite its injuries and loss of sight, was able to make it home – back to its owners. However, the poor cat died the following afternoon at 4:45 p.m. A funeral was held the next coming Sunday in his honor, which many people had attended.

Sage’s case of animal abuse had gained enormous attention throughout the county. Investigators with Davis County Animal Services and the Humane Society of Utah are both working to solve this case and put this matter to rest.

Anybody with information regarding the torture and unfortunate death of poor Sage is advised to contact the Davis County Animal Services at 801-444-2200. Alternatively, you may contact Mr. John Fox, who’s the chief investigator of the Humane Society of Utah at 801-261-2929, extension number 210. Tips are kept strictly confidential.

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