Rescued cow won’t stop crying until the farmer shows up and opens his trailer

Her reaction is priceless!


Maybelle is a cow who spent her entire life on a dairy farm providing milk. She was used for her supply for years, but when the day came for her to be retired, the farm owners knew they had a choice to make about her future.

It would be more economical to simply end her life instead of setting her free. But instead of sending Maybelle off to slaughter, they decided to listen to their hearts and give her a different home instead

Now her heartwarming journey to freedom and family is going totally viral.


The farmers made a quick phone call and Maybelle was picked up by the good people at The Gentle Barn. They rushed her back to their animal sanctuary, evaluated her physical condition and gave her a good wash.

Even though she was finally in a place of peace – something wasn’t right.

Maybelle paced around the farm and refused to calm down. It seemed as though she was calling out in anguish. Staffers tried their best to calm the upset cow, but nothing worked. Then a thought clicked in their heads…


The Gentle Barn is the home to many rescued animals, and the staff there is very familiar with the behavior of cows. So when they noticed Maybelle seemed distressed it was obvious to them there was a good reason. She would pace and cry, which tipped them off to what the cause was.

Founder Ellie Laks said:

“In my experience, with all the cows we have taken into The Gentle Barn the only reason they ever cry like that is because they are looking for a baby.”

The thought of Maybelle being separated from her calf was too pain to handle. They needed to act fast!


It was decided that they would go back to Maybelle’s old dairy farm and see if she did indeed have a baby there – and if so, if they could rescue it too.

Sure enough, they found her baby, which the owner was kind enough to let them have. The last thing that was left to do was reunite Maybelle with her little one, so she could live out the rest of her days being happy.


You can watch their beautiful reunion for yourself in the video below!

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