Rescuers Stumble Upon Desperate Dog Looking for Her Pups, She Stops at Nothing to Find Them

When she heard one of the rescuers calling her out, this worried mama dog started wagging her tail as if she knew they would help her find her babies.


Mother’s love is the strongest force on Earth, and this desperate mama dog is just another proof that when it comes to the safety and the well-being of their offspring, there is nothing moms wouldn’t do. 


When the rescuers at the Villalobos Rescue Center, New Orleans, got a call about this dog that has just given birth, they were quick to come to the scene. There, they spotted the mama and assumed she had a hard time finding her puppies as they were nowhere to be seen. 

The moment she heard someone calling on her, she couldn’t hide her excitement. It looked as though she knew those people would help her reunite with her babies again, and she was right. 


The most incredible thing happened when the dog led the rescuers to a nearby house. Could her little ones be there?


They knocked on the door not knowing what to expect. Soon after, a man opened up and told the rescuers how the dog belonged to his roommate who was serving a prison sentence at the time. Apparently, this man was asked to take care of the dog family, but he wasn’t willing to do so. 

The puppies were inside the place, and the rescuers had no idea what condition they were in. 


The man refused to surrender the puppies, asked to be left alone, and slammed the door. 

However, the rescuers wouldn’t ever let the puppies behind. Not in the hands of that man who evicted their mommy from her home. 


After doing all in their power to get the right to take the babies, the staff at the rescue organization succeeded in their intention. 

The mommy was waiting for her babies at the shelter and everyone knew their reunion would be one to remember. 


Below is the video of the whole story along with the heartwarming reunion. Make sure you see it and share it with your friends.