Rescuer’s Plea For Shelter Dog Just Hours Away From Being Euthanized Inspires True Christmas Miracle

This time, the true colors of Christmas came to us through a dog named Stanley.


Who said Christmas miracles don’t happen? All you need to do is believe strong enough and the holiday’s spirit will work its magic.

This time, the true colors of Christmas came to us through a dog named Stanley. He was about to be euthanized just a couple of hours before a rescuer visited the high-kill shelter. Stanley stole this woman’s heart and all her attention.

She simply couldn’t get the dog out of her mind and decided to make a change in his life and now everyone is speaking about it. Stanley was out and everything was about to turn for the best for him.

In order to make a greater impact and find Stanley a new home, Cathy who works for Camp Cocker Rescue came up with a brilliant idea. She created a video she named “Just One Dog.” This brave woman was the change she wanted to see in the world of abandoned and helpless animals and touched the hearts of many.

Although it was very likely that her family and friends would think she’s odd after she sent the video to them via e-mail, they actually found it all very sweet and fell in love with both Stanley and the cute video of him. Soon after, it was all over the internet and everyone wanted to know more of the dog who was saved from certain death just hours before Christmas.

A man named Dave Schofield of Respect-A-Bull, a foster-based Pit Bull Terrier rescue in Vancouver Island, Canada, contacted Cathy and in no time, Stanley was on a plane to his new foster home.

Many people were interested to adopt Stanley, but one couple, Josh and Teresa Caufield, were the luckiest ones.

Although they didn’t learn about Stanley from the video, they said how he attracted them with his loving personality.

Now, years after his rescue and the Christmas miracle that changed his life, Stanley is one of the happiest dogs we’ve ever seen.

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