Rescuers Help Bear Who Had Bucket Stuck On His Head For A Month

I was holding my breath while I watched what these brave men did here...


This is definitely unlike any other rescue mission you’ve ever seen and it all started with a photo of a bear with something that resembled a bucket stuck on its head.

When Dean Hornberger and his partner Samantha Eigenbrod stumbled upon that photo, their hearts broke. Finding that bear that was reported to be wandering through Clarion County in western Pennsylvania wasn’t an easy thing to do but these animal lovers would stop at nothing.

They learned how authorities were alerted of the poor animal’s condition but refused to help saying that despite the bucked on its head, the bear was healthy and “mobile” which was the most absurd thing to say.

After Dean contacted some of his friends who were as eager to help the bear as much as he was, they undertook the rescue mission on Labor Day 2014.

Once the terrified bear was in their hands, they did all they could to pull the object off its head but it was too tight and they failed doing so. Soon, they realized that what was on the animal’s head was in fact a rubber air bag used to cushion tractor trailers.

However, that didn’t stop them to proceed with their plan to let the bear be free again. If you want to see what they did to help this cub you will have to check the video below.

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