Rescuers Come Across Puppy Taking Its Final Breaths Beside A Cardboard Box

They're heroes and they must have found her at the last possible second.



This is another rescue story that comes to us by Animal Aid Unlimited. Their fast reaction to calls about animals in need helped save numerous strays from poor life and even death. Recently, the staff from this animal rescue organisation were informed about a puppy laying near the road on the verge of death. She was breathing heavily and was unconscious when the rescuers arrived. Their only hope was for the dog to make it to the hospital.

The dog was dehydrated and had low blood pressure which made it hard to place the IV catheter. But somehow they managed to give her the needed amount of fluids, and all they could do was wait and pray.

Just 24 hours after she was taken to the hospital, beautiful Lily showed everyone what a fighter she is. She surprised the staff with the progress she made in such a short amount of time.

Take a look at her story in the video below.

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