Rescuers Catch Stray Puppies Running In Traffic, One Started Foaming At The Mouth

We hope they all find their forever families!


Stray mamma dog gave birth to seven puppies under a bridge near a busy street and her little ones were in danger of being hit by a vehicle once they started exploring the streets.

Luckily, a rescue group that were on their way to their shelter spotted one of the puppies and pulled over.

When they made sure all of the doggy siblings were in their hands, the rescuers realized they were all suffering from a neurological disorder. The reason behind this condition was that their mom didn’t have enough milk to feed them. On top of that, they all had worms and were in need of medical help.

On the way to the shelter, one of the puppies started shaking uncontrollably and foamed from the mouth.

Soon, the dog family was brought to the rescue center and that marked the start of their new life.

Finally, these cute puppies were fed properly. They were all given milk formula and the mom was provided with some healthy food. That helped increase her milk.

The last thing we heard of this amazingly beautiful family is that they were nurtured to health and cleared from parasites, but we don’t know whether they found their forever homes yet.

However, we are certain the rescuers who saved them in the first place will do their best to help the puppies and their mommy get their happy ending.

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