Rescued Stray Cat Opens Its Eyes, And They Are Like Jewels

She was completely stunned by what she was witnessing!


How unique!

One man named Joe from Royal Palm Beach in Florida had spotted an unfamiliar sight one morning when he stepped out onto his house’s front porch. He found a meek stray cat in a horrid condition, voraciously eating out of his pet cat’s bowl! Named Cotton, the cat had ‘came out of nowhere’ and started eating from the bowl of food he had left out there. The cat was famished and it was as if he had not eaten in many days. Cotton was also found to be suffering from a horrendous case of mange which was so bad that it covered his eyes, rendering him unable to see – he had been wandering about while being completely blind.

Joe knew that the cat was in need of emergency medical care. He got Cotton into a cat carrier along with some more cat food. Joe wrote a post for help on Facebook, and got contacted by a woman named Weinberg, who decided to aid Cotton’s recovery.

At Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital, vets confirmed that Cotton was not only suffering from mange – he was also severely dehydrated and malnourished. He was put on a course of antibiotics, a dose of Revolution and lots of fluids. Fortunately, Weinberg had a spare bathroom where he could stay for the night.

Weinberg used some coconut oil to soothe Cotton’s skin, along with lots of fresh water and canned food to keep him hydrated. Cotton stayed hunched over for days on end and seemed very uncomfortable – but love and care soon got him in better shape.

Little by little, Cotton started to gain some healthy weight back, and his fur started to grow longer again. Once he opened his eyes, they shone like jewels – Cotton had one blue eye and one yellow eye! Now, Cotton is a very much completely healed cat, and is as handsome and happy as he can be in his new home!

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