Rescued Elephant Interupts Caretaker To Request Unexpected Lullaby For Baby Calf

The mama elephant used her trunk to guide the rescuer to her newborn and our hearts can't take it! 😍


Elephants and their caregivers form a strong bond when working together.  Lek has been taking care of this 9 year old elephant since she was just a calf, she is now 9 years old. Lek has been singing lullaby’s to Faa Mai to help soothe her nerves and to ease her to sleep since she was brought to the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand.

On this day Lek was taking pictures with visitors, Faa Mai decided that enough was enough.  She directed Lek over towards the calf.   She had something that needed taken care of that was more important then pictures.


As an adult, Faa Mai has fallen in love with recently rescued baby Thong Ae. In her efforts to make sure the little elephant gets the same loving treatment as she did. At first, it appeared as though the huge elephant was just being playful.

Allowing herself to be steered around by Faa Mai the elephant uses her trunk to direct Lek to the baby calf.  When she would go tot the right the elephant would push or pull her into the directions she wanted her to go.

“I wondered what it was that she really wanted”

Well, it didn’t take her very long to get the answer to that question! Just a short time later Lek found herself face to face with baby Thong Ae. Faa Mai just stared at Lek waiting for her to start her lullaby.

Lek explained in her post that ” Faa Mai loves to be lullabied, and wanted to share that joy with Thong Ae”

Elephants are emotional mammals, they can be seen caring for other calves and it shows here in this video as the two hold trunks and Faa Mai assures Thong Ae that everything is gonna be alright.

“It’s so beautiful to see my little girl who has such a heart of care,I am so proud of this girl.”

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