Rebellious Dog Gets Revenge As Soon As Vet Leaves The Room


The Akbash Dog is native to Turkey, and it is primarily used as a livestock guardian dog or shepherd dog. Known for suspicious, protective instincts, this breed is fiercely independent and can be a challenge to train into an acceptable family pet.

Pocket is a dog of this kind and she is quite an intelligent animal. She always knows what she wants, and most important, she knows how to get it.

Kail Marie

Kail Marie, Pocket’s loyal human, told The Dodo how these dogs would often have to function on their own without human guidance making independent decisions and how they have taken her “because she flunked her temperament testing.”

Marie is actually a founder of a facility called Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary placed in Kansas whose main goal is taking care of discarded pet parrot as well as other rescue animals.

The breeder who owned Pocket has heard of Marie’s love and affection for animals so he decided to contact her and ask if she was willing to take the dog in. Marie is a kind hearted animal lover who simply couldn’t say no.

Now, five years after this event took place, Pocket found in the sanctuary a perfect home where she is surrounded by animal friends among which Marie’s other dog Mouse, Bink the pig, and Nick the cat.

Kail Marie

Marie says that Pocket is beyond happy to be spending time in the sanctuary. “She is a livestock guardian breed but would rather guard our sofa!” Marie laughed. “Pocket flunked her temperament testing because she LOVES everyone and is the absolutely friendliest dog!”

However, it is in Pocket’s nature to be rebellious, which Marie witnessed during a visit to Clinton Parkway Animal Hospital in Lawrence, Kansas.

“Pocket had been stung by something and had a painful, swollen nose,” Marie said.

Kail Marie

After the vet treated her swollen nose, he offered her a treat, but the dog refused it by hiding behind her owner.

But once the doctor left the office, Pocket though she would still have that cookie, but she was determined to take it on her own so she approached the counter and reached for the treat.

Kail Marie

We can’t say that she stole it, because it was hers after all but she had it her way. She probably did this because she thought the doctor couldn’t be trusted.

Kail Marie

Marie adds that Pocket is indeed a very intelligent dog with vibrant personality. As for her nose, it will be just fine.

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