Here Is The Reason Why Your Pets Should Never Be Fed Halloween Treats


And it is not just Halloween chocolate.

Dr. Rachel Barrack, a New York City-based veterinarian, strongly advises dog owners to never, ever feed your dogs Halloween candy – what may be delicious to you is actually extremely toxic to Fido. Cats, as well. It is “important” to keep candy out of their reach, she states. However, is chocolate the only substance our pets should stay away from?

First up, we have chocolate – who knew that a simple product from the delicious combination of cocoa, milk and sugar could kill our companions? Most pet owners already knew this, but how exactly toxic is a single Hershey’s kiss? The type of chocolate, varying from white to dark, still contains methylxanthines, still kills – with semi-sweetened and dark chocolates being the most dangerous when ingested. Chocolate toxicity include gastrointestinal upset, in which both vomiting, and diarrhea occur. In serious cases, chocolate causes a great spike in your dog’s heart and respiratory rates, muscle rigidity, seizures, cardiac failure and lastly, a coma.

But what about Candy Corn, Caramels and other sugary treats?  Its a huge no-no, as these snacks are rich in both fat and sugar – and can cause unwanted tummy-aches and pancreatitis.

Forget the box of grapes or raisins – they are toxic, too. Ingesting a few of these can cause kidney failure in dogs, as well as lethargy, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and severe kidney failure.

This includes sugar-free candy as well. The poison lies in the sweetener named xylitol, which causes a decrease in blood pressure, coordination loss and even seizures.

Candy wrappers such as Kit Kats as well – plastic wrappers and foil packaging causes problems such as unwanted intestinal obstruction. In serious cases, your pet may even require an X-ray and surgery to remove them.

Candy may be alright for humans in moderation, but it is never okay for our pets to ingest and consume them like we do – keep them away from the candy basket this Halloween!

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