Family Finds Strange Creature In Their Backyard

This creature is a rare sight.


This is the first sighting in 25 years…

You may have heard of a red fox, but did you know there are silver foxes too? Silver foxes are a melanistic form of the red fox, only differing in color and are extremely rare to find. They are characterized by their signature black or blu-ish gray fur, along with some white on the tip of their tails. In the UK, silver foxes are sometimes kept as pets and are omnivores. For at least 25 years, silver foxes have not been sighted, until now.

In a garden located in Alsager, Cheshire, a silver fox had been spotted roaming around. This shocked the homeowner, who proceeded to post a photo of it on Facebook. Former RSPCA inspector Amanda Lovett, who now runs Mere Moggies Boarding, saw a post about it on a Facebook group and learnt that the fox had been in the garden for most of the day.

It was important for the fox to taken to safety as it was a Saturday night, when households would light fireworks. Lovett arrived at the garden and managed to safely capture the fox using a grasper before putting him in a cat box. She then took the fox to the Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Nantwich for care.

The fox, now named Shadow, was placed into foster care by Stapeley Grange and would be placed with a specialist owner if no one claims him. According to Stapeley Grange’s manager, Lee Stewart, Shadow must have been kept as pet and has either escaped or been abandoned. Shadow was also found to be in good health, only slightly overweight.

Stewart also added that Shadow is the first silver fox that they ever had in Stapeley Grange for over 25 years and is currently doing well there.

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