Rare Newborn Red Wolves Born At Wolf Sanctuary


Not even weeks after their birth and people are obsessed with them.  These newborn babies are rare.
They are red wolf pups, they were born at the Wolf Conservation Center.

These pups are incredible news for the once extinct species.  

In 1980 these wolves were declared ‘functionally extinct’, almost completely wiped out from the wild.  With efforts to reintroduce captive red wolves in the wild, people hoped that their population would soon grow.

There are only 130 red wolves in the wild.  Now we are down to fewer than 30 of them.

According to Wikipedia, “It is considered the rarest species of wolf and is one of the five most endangered species of wolf in the world.”

Humans are the number one reason for this species to be almost extinct- due to habitat loss. After years of working to bring back the population the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began scaling back their efforts.

Although the destiny of this beautiful animal these ten little pups will be taken well care off.  

People all over the world can watch these little cute pups play and frolic via a live webcam.

The news is so exciting its hard to remember that most likely these red wolf pup’s will never know what it’s like to live wild and free.  The safest place for a red wolf is at a sanctuary.

“While these adorable pups are priceless contributions to the recovery of their rare species (especially the genetic health of the captive population), USFWS needs to recommit to preserving the wild and naturally functioning red wolf population it has established,” Howell said.

“Beyond being cute, the pocket-sized wolf pups represent our active participation in an effort to save a species on the brink of extinction,” Howell added. “It’s our goal to use moments like these to further educate the public on the importance of protecting these wonderful animals.”

If you would like to make a donations to the Wolf Conservation Center.  Let’s not let these beautiful animals become extinct.  

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