Rare albino orangutan has man-made island

Meet Alba - a very, very special girl.


Alba is the only known albino orangutan in the world and she is one of the most beautiful creatures we’ve ever seen. Because she is so rare, she is now living on a man-made island just for her and three of her closest friends. Really, how great is this?

Source: BOS Foundation via YouTube

The name Alba is the Latin word for “white” and she got her name through a naming contest that took place back in May, 2017.

We do love it because it suits her lovely appearance. Alba was first noticed in April 2017 and rescued by the BOS Foundation and the Central Kalimantan Natural Resource Conservation Agency in Indonesia.

This orangutan led a very good life, but because people show great interest for her and the foundations’ staff were honestly concerned for her well-being, they decided to move her to her own island which would help protect her.

Sadly, because of her snow white skin, Alba is more vulnerable for hunting. Her albinism also affects her eyesight, and may cause hearing problems.  

The special island is 10-hectare big and she shares it with Radmala (a 4-year-old female), Kika (a 6-year-old female), and Unyu (a 4-year-old male). From the moment these three orangutans were introduced to Alba they showed fondness and affection for one another and now enjoy their days in the protected forest. 

The island is being monitored 24 hours a day and staff conducts regular patrols. They collect data on the orangutans’ health and behavior. 

There is a canal that serves as a natural border for the island as well as two feeding platforms in which supplementary food will be provided twice a day. 

The foundation is collecting funds to help build additional security posts. People are also welcome to help finance Alba’s daily needs and the medical care. 

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