He Puts A Stray Poodle In His Car, Now Keep Your Eye On Her Matted Fur. Oh My Goodness!


We don’t share many rescues here, but this one is so unbelievable we just had to do it. It’s a story of an abandoned poodle and the amazing transformation it went through after just a little bit of TLC.

When Dolly was found her fur was so matted the rescuers weren’t even able to tell her if she was a boy or a girl. Understandably, getting a stray who’s been mistreated her whole life to cooperate was hard, but eventually she realized that these humans are not going to hurt her and she let her guard down. Dolly was taken to a groomer who got rid of layers upon layers of matted hair to reveal the beautiful pup underneath, but the change she had is more than just a physical one.

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