Puppy Was Rescued From A Terrible Fate In A Frozen Creek

Two Good Samaritans quickly got into the water to pull the frigid pup out.


It was found in a trash bag with rocks in it..

In Sadieville, Kentucky, a 7 week old puppy was rescued from a frozen creek by two highway workers. The two men saw the puppy’s head peaking out of the water from a black trash bag and immediately got it out of the freezing creek. They quickly brought the puppy to a nearby animal shelter in Georgetown for help. The puppy was believed to be an Australian shepherd and was suffering from hypothermia due to the freezing temperatures.

At the shelter, the men told the staff that the puppy was found in a trash bag, which was filled with three large rocks. It was obvious that the person who left the puppy there was trying to drown it. Officials believe the bag was tossed into the water. Thankfully, the puppy had managed to keep its head above the water by peaking out of the bag to prevent itself from drowning. At that time, the creek was partially frozen over, which caused the bag to get stuck under some ice. 

According to the Scott County Animal Shelter in Georgetown, the puppy was named Chapel and unfortunately found to be deaf and partially blind. The shelter is currently working with local authorities to find the person responsible for Chapel’s plight. 

Chapel made a fast recovery after the vet visit and was soon brought to Speak for the Unspoken,which was a pet rescue group near Columbus in Ohio. Speak for the Unspoken focuses on animals with special needs, which was what Chapel needed. Chapel is currently placed in a foster home and will go to her forever home once she is ready.

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