Puppy Was About To Be Put Down – But His Rescuer Promises Him Something


She was hopeful that he would make it.

Not every animal born on the streets would be born perfectly healthy and beautiful. However, that does not mean their lives are not worth fighting for and deserving of human love. This mantra is proven true by two animal lovers named Dextin Orme and Janine Guido, and Janine is also the founder of Speranza Animal Rescue. Without them, this puppy would not have survived on its own.

Dextin first met Janine at Dillsburg veterinary center after getting word of the puppy. The merely 7-month-old puppy was in such a pitiable condition, so much so that he could not even lift his head up.

It was a Boston terrier who was suffering from demodectic mange – he was hairless with his entire skin was crusted and infected with both mites and even maggots. Dr. Pryor advised that the puppy was in such a poor state, he could not stay conscious throughout and she should perhaps consider euthanasia for him.

“I’ve never ever seen something so close to death, I remember all I wanted to do was hold him and kiss him and love on him.”

Janine named the pup Libre after saying: “You know, if you push through, I promise you, you’ll have a home with me.”

Libre fought for his life for a week, but soon experienced a setback, leaving vets once again considering what to do. They did not want to dash Janine’s hopes either, thus they gave Libre 24 hours to pull through on his own. Libre’s condition remained critical as he was septic – vets had to give him around-the-clock care which included vinegar baths. Literally 12 hours later, it was a miracle – he was up on his own and eating!

Libre went from strength to strength, walking along the path to full recovery. Janine even taught him to play “flip-flop fetch” during his rehabilitation period, strengthening their bond even further.

Later on in 2016, Libre was finally taken to his forever home and left Janine’s rescue farm. Today, he loves his new life with his loving owner. In Libre’s honor, Senator Alloway took up his cause and passed a new law which commits to protecting animals from neglect and abuse in Pennsylvania.

“He taught me there is no such thing as a lost cause,” said Janine. “He shouldn’t have lived, and he did, everybody says, they’d always like to witness a miracle once in their lifetime. At the age of 33, I have.”

Watch his story in the video below!

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