Puppy Prevented From Being Taken to a Dog Meat Farm Has Priceless Reaction After Getting His Very First Toy

He could end up as someone's lunch, but thanks to rescuers, THIS is what his life is like now. ❤


South Korea is known for running dog meat farms. Luckily, animal advocates are fighting really hard to have as many of those horrific places shut.

Recently, the Humane Society International came across 23 puppies that were supposed to end in one of the farms and become delicacy for people who consume their meat.

A tiny but very playful and friendly puppy named Snowball was among them. This cutie pie was lucky to be rescued because that meant his life would take a completely different direction.

After Snowball was brought to the United States and placed at a shelter, his vibrant personality made everyone around him happy. His company put smiles on many people’s faces and everyone was glad this lovely puppy didn’t end up on someone’s plate.

One particular moment from Snowball’s stay at the shelter was so heartwarming that the staff had to share it with the rest of us. Namely, he got a toy for the first time in his life and it was an incredible experince.

Make sure you check him out having fun in the video below.

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