Puppy Mill Dog Is Ashamed of His “Ugliness” and Hides Away From His Rescuers

The dog was constantly told that he was ugly, filthy and unlovable ever since he was a puppy. He believed his haters and felt ashamed of himself.


The life of dogs at puppy mills is cruel beyond words. All they ever experience in these dreadful places are cages, filth, and inhumane treatment. So rescuing them brings excitement and satisfaction at the people who dedicate their lives to saving animals in need of salvation and a human touch.

National Mill Dog Rescue has helped many dogs find their happiness again and learn there is a lot more in life than being used for breeding. Recently, the founder of the rescue, Theresa Strader, and her team, saved 4 Cocker Spaniels from a puppy mill in Missouri.

Theresa can be seen holding one of the puppies while speaking of what life is like for the poor souls at puppy mills. She’s trying to raise awareness by telling people that as long as they are buying dogs from such places over adopting them from shelters, they are supporting the work of the puppy mills. The least they can do if opting to buy a dog is to make sure they are buying from breeders who treat their dogs with respect.

Joel was one of the rescue dogs. His matted and filthy coat spoke of the years of negligence he endured at the puppy mill. Realizing all of the other dogs at the rescue center were clean, he felt ashamed of himself and tried to hide his face from the rescuers.

But what Joel didn’t know was that he was about to take a bath as well and be beautiful again. All the rescuers needed to do was to get rid of his dreadlocks. His transformation to a happy and a bubbly dog is so heartwarming to witness. You can take a look at it in the video below.

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