Puppy Escapes From Home, Rings Doorbell to Get Back Inside


Dogs definitely make the best pets. Having one around means days filled with laughter for they will do anything to cheer you up. And although all the dogs are pretty intelligent creatures, the Golden Retrievers are on the top of the list.

Marshal, a sweet 3-month-old puppy from this breed somehow got outside of the house, but what’s interesting is that he didn’t do it on purpose and he definitely didn’t want to run off. So, as soon as he got out, he immediately wanted to get back inside.

The way he tried to enter the place made people smile. The footage from the security system captured Marshal knocking and ‘pawing’ at the door in order to make his family know he was ready to get inside the house because his adventure was over just seconds after it started.

He’s such a smart boy. Take a look at how he does it in the video below!

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