Puppy Collapses In Front Of House, And Rescuers Rush To Save His Life

I have definitely not seen anything like this before.


The 5-month-old puppy’s life was in danger..

Back on 10 May 2015 in Topeka, Kansas, one Pit Bull puppy had been severely injured. Despite his physical state, the pup had managed to get away to safety, but ended up collapsing in front of someone’s house – on the front porch itself.

This alarmed the homeowner, who called for help via a Topeka Facebook Swap & Shop ad. Unleashed Pet Rescue responded to the ad, and made their way down to where the puppy was.

The poor Pit Bull has sustained life-threatening punctures and tears on its neck as well as its head. The wounds are believed to be the result of dog fighting, where the poor pup must have been the unfortunate bait dog. There was no time to lose.

The poor Pit Bull was weak, tired and could hardly stand on his own. He had to be admitted in the emergency animal ward in order to stand a fighting chance against the wounds he sustained.

Staff named the puppy Jax, and he had to be placed under intensive care for a whole 2 weeks. The pup was then released from Emergency Center and placed in a loving foster home. Slowly but surely, Jax started to recover both physically and mentally. He regained his trust in humanity, and was showered with lots of care, love and TLC.

The video above was created specially to document Jax’s recovery, and it shows how far the puppy has come, thanks to his rescuers!

Watch his story unfold in the video below!

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Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!
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