Puppy Afraid To Be Touched Learns About Belly Rubs

Terrified rescue dog gets belly rubs for the first time in her life and she loves it!


Some of the experiences we go through during our lifetime influence us in a manner never imaginable and Mina, a street dog from Romania that found herself at a public pound surrounded by dogs which shared her sad destiny, knows that best.

Her love wasn’t an easy one and the lack of love and kindness made her lose her faith in the human kind.  

Not only she was sad and desperate, but her health condition was very poor too. Covered in mange and malnourished, it was obvious Mina was experiencing pain and it looked like no one was interested in ever getting a dog like her. 

The beginning of 2019, however, meant a new beginning for Mina too. She was spotted by Diana Badescu and Catalin Stancu, the founders of the animal rescue organization Howl of a Dog who have seen something in Mina’s eyes and believed she was worth rescuing.

They provided her with the medical help she desperately needed and showered her with attention, but nothing seemed to work when it came to gaining her trust.

Mina was way too scared to let anyone get near her. Whenever someone from the volunteers would try to pat her she would start shaking and would quickly run away. 

The volunteers were determined to make Mina feel comfortable around them so they gave her some time for herself but never stopped trying to make friends with her. 

Luckily, after a week or so at the rescue organization’s shelter, they figured out what it was that Mina loved. Believe it or not, she got some belly rubs for the first time in her life and she loved them so much that she stopped shaking when her rescuers would approach her. 

“She’s a sweet dog, very friendly with other dogs and, although she is still a little shy with people, she is starting to feel more confident every day,” Howl of a Dog wrote on their website.

Now, three months after Mina’s arrival at Howl of a Dog she resembles a  completely new dog. Her health condition improved a great deal and although she’s still experiencing some issues with her mange, she’s on her way to complete recovery. And once that day comes, Mina will be put for adoption. 

Her vibrant personality and her love for belly rubs along with her determination to put her ordeal in the past make Mina the perfect dog for someone who is ready to give her the attention she deserves. 

We are so thankful and glad for people like the volunteers from Howl of a Dog who never give up on dogs like Mina. These kind souls know that every dog deserves a chance to shine and they are there to make that happen.

You can take a look at Mina’s incredible transformation in the video below. 

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