Pup Plays Dead To Avoid The Vet, But Mom Knows Just The Trick To Get Her Up


Is there anything more lovable and smarter than a dog? Although we already know they have the intelligence of a 2-year-old, we are still amazed by their actions at times.

Meet Lulu, the Shiba Inu who has some over the top acting skills she is not afraid to show.

When the time comes for her to visit the vet, she does something amazing in order to delay and even skip the visit, but she now has to go there because her mom made an appointment for Lulu to be spayed.


But instead of going, she does something hilarious. She pretends to be dead, and no matter how hard the mom tries to ‘wake her up’ she ‘sleeps like a log.’


The mother then tries to pet her, but no reaction. After she takes the blanket off. Lulu’s sleeping position is revealed and it makes us burst out laughing.


However, she can’t say no to the sweet treats her mother has for her.

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