Prize-winning show dog vanishes at airport, sweet reunion with owner recorded 3 days later

'We were out of our minds. You can imagine it's horrific to hear that a dog is gone and nobody knows where she is.'


A sweet 10-month-old pure-bred American Staffordshire terrier named Gale was having fun time at the United States where she took place in various dog shows and competitions together with her handlers. But as they were about to leave the country and head back home something really awful happened. Gale’s handlers already checked into their KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Flight, but once their plane landed, they got a call from the staff at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport that the dog had been missing. Her kennel was empty and she was nowhere to be seen.

That was very disturbing news and now the handlers had to inform Gale’s owner, Floris Van Essen who was in Amsterdam at the time, about what happened. The airport employees spotted the empty kennel when they were about to move it onto the plane.

“A dog managed to break out of its cage as it was being loaded into the cargo of flight KL622 from Atlanta to Amsterdam on March 23,” KLM told WSB-TV. “The dog’s owner had been notified. KLM expresses its sincerest regrets and is actively working with the Atlanta Airport to search for the dog.”

Van Essen told ABC News how both he and his wife were worried sick for their little baby.

“We were out of our minds. You can imagine it’s horrific to hear that a dog is gone and nobody knows where she is,” he said.

ABC News reported that Van Essen said how they were praying and doing their best for Gale to be found because they considered her their child, as they didn’t have children on their own.

Thankfully, the airport employees also did everything in their power to find the missing dog, and after long three days they finally noticed her. They set a bait trap and Gale was soon reunited with her owners who couldn’t wait to have her by their side again.

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