Previous Abuse Had Caused This Dog Fear Everything, Even Of His New Home.


Watson the dog was in a dire state when he was found.

A 10 year-old dog named Watson had been found lying on the grass by a passerby, seemingly dead until the passerby saw that he was still breathing. Watson was all skin and bones and was too weak to move on his own. Judging from his condition, he had obviously been abused and neglected. Alarmed by Watson’s condition, the passerby contacted a local rescuer for help. Thankfully, the rescuer arrived at the scene and immediately took Watson to the veterinarian for medical help.

Poor Watson was too weak to even acknowledge the people around him. After being examined by the vet, Watson did not only suffer from undernourishment, but also other problems which included mange, heart-worms, heart disease and missing teeth! Despite being in a bad condition, Watson slowly began to eat and drink, and even wagged his tail!

Watson was soon taken in by a local dog rescue called Houston K-911 Rescue and placed under a care of a foster home. His rescuer, a woman named Samantha, volunteered to foster Watson in her home until he is healthy enough to be adopted.

When Watson arrived at his foster home, he seemed unsure of his new environment and did not know what to do. It seemed as if he had never been indoors at all! According to Samantha, Watson was hesitant to enter the house and did not sleep in his doggy bed for the first night.

A day later, Watson realized that he was welcome in the house and enjoyed the affection that was given to him. He has probably never experienced what it was like to be loved and cherished as a family dog, so his new friends decided to give him something special.

To show their love to Watson, they threw a party for him and made sure that the treats were plentiful. His new friends made plenty of cakes and cookies for Watson, which he thoroughly enjoyed!

Watson was pampered by his new friends, probably for the first time in his life. As his condition was so bad, it is possible that Watson had been chained up and left outside by his previous owner. Now, he has a loving foster home that will ensure that he has a chance at a happier life.

Watson will not be up for adoption until his medical condition has been stabilized. However, a foster-to-adopt situation with a family is possible as long as they can handle his medical needs. Currently, Watson is happy and enjoying his new life in his foster home.

Thanks to the staff at Houston K-911 Rescue and his foster mom, Samantha, Watson is on his way to recovery and a possibly a forever home in the future!

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