Pregnant Pit Bull Is Dumped By Owner, Then Shelter Sees ‘Uncountable’ Puppies On X-Ray Of Womb

She's gonna be a busy mama!


Puppies are the sweetest. Holding one in your hands is the best feeling any dog lover can experience. And what is best about these cute little babies is that they are most likely to be welcomed into the world in a litter. So if you own a dog who’s pregnant, you can definitely expect more than one bundle of joy that would be great addition to the family. 

Now, as it’s not really that unusual for a mother dog to give birth to five or more babies, having more than ten is definitely something we don’t get to see that often. 

A pregnant pit bull was found on the streets and it was obvious her owner abandoned her because of her condition. They were probably not ready to take care of her babies and though the best solution would be if they get rid of her. Yes, humans can be that cruel. Luckily, she was spotted by some rescuers who took her to a shelter. 

Realizing the dog was expecting, they brought her to a vet’s clinic just to be sure that the pregnancy was a normal one. But that’s when they learned something that left them in shock. The future mommy’s X-ray showed that she was carrying an ‘uncountable’ number of babies. Yes, you’ve read that right. There were so many that the doctors weren’t able to count them. 

They assume there could be around 12 or 13 babies in this dog’s stomach. People who’ve seen the photo of the X-ray believe the number is even higher. If that’s the case, this would be one huge family. 

The future owner of the mommy-to-be guesses she’s going to give birth to around 12 to 15 babies. She’s, however, taking the dog in only after she welcomes her puppies into the world. The little ones would probably find forever homes easily, so knowing that someone is adopting the mother is great news. 

As for the exact number of puppies, we’ll have to wait the due date and count them once they are out. Since then, we can only make assumptions. 

The puppies will spend some time around their mommy, at least while they are able to start eating on their own. 

Dog lovers are eagerly waiting for the outcome of this unusual pregnancy. One person wrote, “My god, that’s a lot of puppies! Sometimes I think I’ve counted like 18ish in there, maybe more. Please update us! Congrats on your new dog!”

Honestly, we can’t wait to learn the number either. However, the most important thing is for the mother and the babies to be fine, as giving birth to so many babies wouldn’t be an easy task. We wish you all the luck brave future dog mommy.

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