Poor Boy Adopted A Stray Dog On The Street – Touching The Hearts Of Millions

The dog doesn't care if his owner is rich or poor, he rests safely in the boy's arms and loves him with all his heart.


This stray dog doesn’t care if his owner is poor…

A dog is man’s best friend and will stick by your side no matter if you are poor or rich. For a stray dog named Badgi, this is true. Badgi was found on the streets of Quezon City in the Philippines and adopted by an 11 year old boy named Rommel Quemenales one month ago.

Rommel was a poor boy who spent most of his life living a lonely life on the streets, until he found his current best friend. A woman named Maria Kabs saw the two best friends on the streets and was so touched by their beautiful friendship that she posted their story on her Facebook account.

According to Maria, Rommel told her that his parents separated when he was young and has an older sister, who lives in another city. He could only visit his sister only when he could afford to and could only attend second grade due to his financial situation. Of course, Rommel also expressed his wish to return to school one day.

When Rommel found Badgi on the streets that day, he decided to adopt him as he was lonely. The pair have been close friends ever since, even cuddling together on the streets. Badgi does not care if his owner was rich or poor and simply stayed by Rommel’s side.

Rommel and Badgi’s story eventually went viral on social media and touched the hearts of millions, including Maria herself. Maria also expressed her pity for Rommel. She wishes that Rommel could fulfill his dreams of attending school again one day and live in a comfortable home with his family.

You can watch a video of Rommel and Badgi’s story below:

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