Police Rescue Off The Coast of Florida Saves This 9-Foot Giant’s Life

What a rescue!


We, as people, often forget that this world is not exclusively ours, and that we have to share it with many different species. But unfortunately, we endanger their existence because we simply don’t care. We use plastic on a daily basis, and we pollute the air and the oceans. The consequences of our behavior can be devastating.

As two Jacksonville police officers were on the job, patrolling in a boat off the shore, they stumbled upon a shocking sight. A 9-foot leatherback turtle was struggling to get rid of a crab trap that was wrapped all around her neck. The bad thing was that the turtle was totally terrified because of the situation she found herself in, that she made things worse by trying to get rid of it. Whenever she tried to free herself, the trap would tighten her even further. It was obvious that the huge sea creature was exhausted and didn’t have strength to continue trying. That’s when the officers stepped in and did their best to help the turtle. These brave men used their skills and managed to free the poor creature.

Fishing nets are a huge threat to endangered species like the leatherback turtles.

This story should serve as a warning of what our careless actions can do to the marine world. These creatures’ fate depends on our responsibility to keep the seas and oceans clean.

We thank these officers from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing rescue.

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