Police Hears Whimpering Coming from a Pile of Earth: Discover Small Creature Buried Alive

I hope the culprit end behind bars!


It really takes special kind of evil in order to leave a fragile animal die in the most cruel manner possible; buried alive under the ground. Just as we think people can’t be any more cruel than to dump their pets on the side of busy roads and dumping grounds, we stumble upon stories such as that of Tucker, a tiny pup buried under a pile of earth.

The police officers from Williston, Florida, were on the job when they heard the whimpering sounds of a dog. They looked everywhere, but there was no animal around, so they suspected the cries could be coming from under below.

Speaking of this heartbreaking case, the Williston Police Chief, Dennis Strow, told TODAY.com, “They heard a whimpering sound, like a crying animal behind them and went to explore it and figured out it was coming from below.”

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

The quick thinking officers didn’t waste any time and started digging the earth. The sight of the puppy struggling to grasp for air left them in complete shock. Tucker was barely alive and they couldn’t understand how could someone do such a thing.

He was immediately taken to the vet’s where it was determined Tucker was just a week old.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

The good thing is that Tucker didn’t suffer any injuries and couldn’t stop drinking the milk they offered to him.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

Tucker was left to die under that pile of earth, but all thanks to the officers, he got a loving home instead. A vet technician at Levy adopted him and loves him unconditionally.

“I went by and looked at him this morning and he’s doing very well,” Strow told TODAY.com. “He’ll get a second chance at a real life in a loving home.”

The police are still looking for the cruel person who buried Tucker. They hope they’ll be identified and charged for what they did.

“What’s disturbing,” he added, “Is that when you look at this fellow you ask, how can he be threatening to anyone?”

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

We are so glad sweet Tucker got his happy ending.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department
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