Pit Bull Refuses To Leave Her Best Friend – Even If Someone Wanted To Adopt Her


When her new owner came for her, this Pit Bull refused to leave..

Dogs are social animals and form strong bonds with their family or friends. Both Merrill and Taco are a good example of this.

Merrill, a three year-old Pit Bull and Taco, an eight year-old Chihuahua first met each other at the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter.

Both dogs quickly formed a strong bond and were there for each other all the time during their stay at the shelter.

At one point during their stay, Merrill was required to undergo surgery in order to save her life. But Taco refused to leave her side and stayed beside Merrill for the entire time.

Needless to say, Taco has proved that her bond with Merrill is unbreakable.

According to Rocket Dog Rescue, Merrill and Taco are always seen together and are inseparable.

Both dogs would even cry to express their displeasure when they are separated and would only stop when the pair are reunited again.

A few months later, a man came into the Rocket Dog Rescue shelter one day and met the pair. He immediately fell in love with Merrill and decided to adopt her.

After filling up the paperwork, he went to pick up Merrill so the pair were separated from each other. To his surprise, Merrill started to cry for her friend and Taco did the same as well.

Thankfully for the pair, the man changed his mind and decided to adopt both dogs instead!

Now both Merrill and Taco are happily living together in their new forever home. They not only had a loving family, but each other as well!

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