Pit Bull Hasn’t Found A Home In 2 Years Because She’s Scared Of Strangers

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Many people are afraid of dogs, especially pit bulls who might look scary to some who didn’t have a chance to spend time around these lovely dogs. And whereas this is usually the case, it’s different with Mimi, a pit bull who is afraid of humans. People from the shelter she is staying at believe that this is due to the unpleasant experience she had with her owners. It’s very likely that Mimi was neglected and abused, so trusting humans again is difficult for this poor dog.

Because of this, it’s quite hard for the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter to find her a foster home, and eventually someone willing to adopt her. Besides her fear of people, Mimi is a lovable creature who wants to play around, and take long naps. So, she would make a perfect house pet.

She is not good at making first impressions either. This contributes to her inability to find a home. However, the shelter’s staff is convinced that this will all change if they find a family that will have the time and will to work with Mimi and help her learn how to socialize. Every dog out there deserves to be part of a caring home, including Mimi.

The employees love her very much, and they are all sad because of her fate to be left at the shelter for so long. However, they are certain she will eventually be adopted because she is one special dog that only needs to be given some extra love and kindness. And although she loves playing, she also needs considerate amount of time to rest, mainly because of her age.

Everyone hopes that with a bit of luck, some local person will be happy to adopt Mimi in the future. But first they have to stop by the shelter and spend some time with the dog in order to gain her trust.

She can be a happy dog if she is given the chance to show people how much love she can give. Mimi’s owner might be around us, so make sure to share this story with your family and friends, and help one scared, senior dog get a chance for a better life.


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